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flowers in Irorian

A variety of flowers is for us to welcome you through the four seasons in the Irorian

Spring Irorian

  • Taking wild vegetables

    Please go to the treasure trove of wild vegetables.
    In the Minami Uonuma district of Niigata Prefecture famous for heavy snowfall and Koshihikari, nature is a treasure trove of wonderful nature.
    When the thawing begins, "Fukinooto" makes a face from under the snowflake, and then makes spring spring in the order of the wild plants calendar.

    It is safe from the inn's service manager and staff to guide you.
    Even if you are the first person because the staff will guide you to Noyama who knows like your garden
    It is safe.
    You can take home the wild vegetables you take.

Summer Irorian

  • Come to the countryside experience!

    Minamiuonuma City, Niigata Prefecture Muikamachi is a wonderful countryside with nature.
    Countryside experience that Onsen Ryokan Cooperative Association Muikamachi holds every year
    It is very popular if we can have a real rural experience.(All-you-can-eat Uonuma Koshihikari! )
    Experience period: From July 15th to August 31st, 1 Night/ 3 Meals Included
    Adult: 14,820 yen/Child: 11,025 yen/Infant: ¥ 8,925

    ☆Please apply with 3 people or more.
    ☆Children under 3 years old are 3,150 yen without entrance fee, trial fee and meal.
    ☆For 1 adult and 1 child total of 2 people Children are also adult rates.

  • Enjoy Fireflies

    Collaboration of starry sky and firefly.
    Very beautiful mountain river with clear air and glittering stars.
    During the Fireflies period, stars are even hazy.
    It seems that the small valley group through which thawing water flows is suitable for the firefly growing environment.
    The owner of Irorian finds a secret firefly village that is unknown even in the local area
    We will lead customers to the world of starry sky and fireflies collaboration.

    There are also firefly appreciation and organic vegetable plan.Period: From early June to late July
  • Climbing

    Irorian supports alpinists!

    I will climb that mountain tomorrow.Irorian will answer this determination.
    We started climbing at 5 o'clock from the mountain entrance.Even in such a case, Irorian will be sent to the trailhead by car at 4 o'clock in the early morning.
    Irorian is an ally of mountain-loving alpinists.

    There is also an alpinist support plan.Please contact us for more information.
    【Contact us】 irorian@jeans.ocn.ne.jp

Autumn Irorian

  • Autumn Foliage

    To the world of art created by nature

    Tsunan Akiyamago in heavy snow areas is said to be unexplored. Echigoji, such as Kiyotsu Gorge and Okutadami, is a wonderful Mecca of colored leaves.
    Clear air ... I wonder if the difference in the morning and evening cold weather is making vivid red leaves that can not be expressed by words.
    I will guide you.To the world of color art created by nature ... ....
  • Katakai Fireworks

    The best four-shoulder ball in the world!

    "One hundred years old memorial of grandmother" "Pray for grandchild's health" "Newly built celebration" "Celebration of marriage"
    A big event of fireworks that can be launched with people's thoughts.
    In addition to the size of its scale, the Katakai Fireworks Niigata Prefecture are famous nationwide for launching the world's best four-length ball.

    For more information on fireworks, please visit "Niigata Three Major Fireworks.jp"Official site.

Winter Irorian

  • Snow Country Experience

    Please stay in the snow country experience.

    It is a very enjoyable snow country experience such as walking on a snowy field with "Kanjiki (snow shoes)", watching fantastic snow lanterns, playing with sleds.

    Snow Country Experience: Half Board per Night
    Adult 11,550 yen/Elementary school student 9,240 yen(One crab with crab)/Infant 7,350 yen(No crab·3 years and over)
    Period: From January 6 to the end of March
    (Service fee included, consumption tax included, hot spring tax 120 yen, please apply at +2, 100 yen, 3 people or more on the day before the holiday and on Saturday.)
  • Ski & Board

    Ski nor board Irorian

    When it's time to hear the news from the snow, I'm happy to be a ski and snowboard fan!
    Irorian, we offer a special winter price with a one-day lift ticket from any of the five ski resorts nearby.Irorian to the ski season.

    plan that tastes delicious local sake and delicious local cuisine
    Weekdays Plan, With 1-day lift ticket included, 1 Night/ 2 Meals Included, 11,550 yen
    [For children/With 1-day lift ticket included, Half board with breakfast ¥ 9,450]
    (Service charge included, Consumption tax included, Hot spring tax 120 yen, 2 people + 2,100 yen)

    There is also a special discount for ski school.

    Customer's plan saying "Dinner is not needed as it arrives at night"
    1 Breakfast included, ¥ 7,000
    (Service charge included, Consumption tax included, Hot spring tax 120 yen)