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2089-4 Koguriyama, Minamiuonuma City

Telephone number



Joetsu Line:Muikamachi Station<West entrance>7 minutes by car (There is pick-up available) / Kanetsukichi: 5 minutes by car from Muikamachi interchange (There is pick-up available)

Pick-up presence (condition)
If you can contact us in advance, we will pick you up at "Muikamachi Station<West Exit>" or "Muikamachi interchange".
※However, it will not be possible to pick you up as it will be ready for dinner after 17:00.Please note.
  • When using a car

    Access method 1: Tokyo
    5 minutes Kan'etsudo Muikamachi IC ~ Old National Highway 253 Route to the Niigata area from the IC (city road), enter the Muika Snow Resort entrance

  • car

    From Nankima IC in Kanegoshido to Niigata direction - 5 minutes on the Muikamachi IC - Route 253, enter the Muika snow resort entrance
    Parking available(Free)
  • Outside the car

    Joetsu Shinkansen:Echigo-Yuzawa Station → Joetsu Line:Get off at Muikamachi Station Nishiguchi, 7 minutes by pick-up